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Mash &More


Action sports wouldn’t be action sports without music and lifestyle. That is why MASH turned up the volume in 2016! This year the regional youth broadcaster PULS as well Matthias Fischer, the man responsible for popular music at the regional government of Upper Bavaria, presented the MASH FEST BÜHNE with acts including local heroes Roger Reckless & Adriano, Bayern’s Newcomer of the Year 2015 Williams Orbit, and the Canadian rockers Caravane.

On top of that, the three winner of a regional band contest also played the MASH FEST STAGE. In the lead-up to MASH 2016, PULS and Matthias Fischer had called on bands to send in a song what they absolutely wanted to perform at the event. These songs were then listened to by a number of judges, including Aloa Input singer and guitarist Flo Kreier, as well as music guru Matthias Fischer himself and local Munich skater Fabi Lang, who uses music to motivate himself before his skate sessions. The three lucky winners are Me&Reas from Nuremberg and the Munich-based bands The Sexattacks and The Living.