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Friday 17th of July 2015

Live streams are now online

They were spectacular, high-class, dramatic, exciting and riddled with  the sensational tricks: these were the MASH events Swatch Prime Line, Skateboard Street Rink and BMX Street Rink. From now on you can watch the live streams of all three contests on our website. This is not just a good thing for all those who were not able to be onsite when Swatch Prime Line winner Brett Rheeder secured himself the best trick title with an incredible backflip tail whip at the first step down, the 17-year old Frenchman Aurelien Giraud won the Skateboard contest or the US Rider Dennis Enarson fenced off his fellow countryman Chad Kerley by just three points. Now you can watch all this again and again and again…

> Swatch Prime Line
> Skateboard Street Rink
> BMX Street Rink