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MASH Party

Rocking beats with PULS radio station at MASH

For the second year in a row the local radio station PULS (kannst Du unter dieses PULS den Link legen?), the official MASH media partner, will be supporting the MASH FEST in cooperation with Matthias Fischer, responsible for popular music at the regional government of Upper Bavaria. This year the MASH PARTY is set to rock the Restaurant Olympiasee.

Things start at 16:00 with DJ CASPAR (Crux/PULS), followed by X T O P H, head of music at the PULS radio station and resident at the Cord Club. The last set of the night will be played by Freez (Pandaparty).
▶Free admission
▶When: Saturday 24 June 2017 – 16:00– 03:00
▶Where: Restaurant Olympiasee - Spiridon-Louis-Ring 7, 80809 Munich

▶X T O P H (PULS / Cord)
▶Freez (Pandaparty)

There will also be plenty of music at the MASH contests themselves. X T O P H will be keeping things on point at the BMX SPINE RAMP, while DJ Enno is responsible for the sound at WAKEBOARD RAIL & AIR


MASH wouldn’t be MASH without live music!

A total of 16 bands will rock the event from Friday 23 June all the way through to Sunday 25 June at the MASH FEST STAGE located on the roof of the Small Olympic Hall. Indie, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop or Electro – whatever your taste, MASH has the right vibe! As in 2016, admission to the concerts at the MASH FEST STAGE is free!

Friday 23 June

Saturday 24 June

Sunday 25 June

03:00 - 03:45 p.m. John Garner

11:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. The Universe

12.00 - 12:45 p.m. John Garner  

04:10 - 04:55 p.m. Mrs. Nina Chartier  

12:40 - 01:25 p.m. Ella John

01:00 - 01.55 p.m. Pot Boiler

05:25 - 06:10 p.m. Dritte Etappe

01:50 - 02:35 p.m. Liann

02:20 - 03:05 p.m. Dirty Old Spice

06:35 - 07:20 p.m. Snafu

03:00 - 03:45 p.m. The Apes

03:30 - 04:15 p.m. The Deadnotes

07:45 - 08:30 p.m. The Cassettes

04:10 - 04:55 p.m. Unpainted Blue

04:40 - 05:25 p.m. Call it a Wastland


05:25 - 06:10 p.m. Zulu


06:35 - 07:20 p.m. Pot Bolier


07:45 - 08:30 p.m. Eau Rouge


Subject to change!