Sunday 30th of June 2019

80 000 visitors celebrate MASH 2019

“It was hot in every sense of the word. Top-class events, huge crowds of spectators braving the sun and an atmosphere that you almost only get here at MASH – what more could you want?,” smiled Marion Schöne, CEO of Olympic Park Munich, as she reflected on a successful MASH 2019.

From 28 to 30 June, 80,000 visitors flocked to the Olympic Park Munich to experience three days of action sports. “I am delighted that despite the heat so many people came here to the Olympic Park. With MASH, we and our partners have once again touched a nerve. I am particularly pleased that the women’s events proved so popular with the crowd.”

The recipe for success at the Red Bull Roller Coaster? Take the world’s best skaters, a unique course and a beautiful setting, mix them all together and shake well before serving hot to a fantastic crowd. An incredible 18,000 fans packed the lush green hills of the Olympic Park for the final of the Red Bull Roller Coaster, without a doubt one of the highlights at this year’s MASH. The international qualifiers on Friday had already set the bar incredibly high, but the intensity and vibe of the final took things up to the next level. In the end it was reigning champion Jake Ilardi (USA) and Alana Smith (USA) who proved themselves to be the best all-terrain skaters and picked up the title “best allround skater in the world”. Second place went to Alex Midler (USA) and Jordyn Barratt (USA), with Spain’s Jaime Mateu picking up third for the men and Germany’s Catherine Marquis rounding out the podium for the women.

She came to win – and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Germany‘s Julia Rick won the first Wakeboard Park Women‘s Contest at the Olympic Park in front of 10,000 fans. Things remained exciting right up until the end, with America’s Anna Nikstad leading the way in the standings until Rick’s final run. The nine-time world champion rose to the challenge and threw down a Toeside Backside 720 on the big kicker, combining this banger trick with a clean run over the other obstacles to push Anna Nikstad off top spot. “I am so happy to have won here. The contest here is really special and the park is technical and challenging to ride,” commented the 26 year-old. Third spot went to Maryh Rougier (France).

“What a weekend,” smiled Wakeboard Park Men’s Contest winner Dominik Hernler, who won the event for the second time after triumphing in 2016. Unlike in the women’s event, the Austrian claimed victory with his first run on the course in Munich. Second place went to Liam Peacock (UK) and third to John Dreiling (USA). “I had something up my sleeve for the second run, but in the end I didn’t need it,” commented 27-year-old Hernler. “The whole MASH weekend was insane,” said Jascha Wronka, who was in charge of the Wakeboard Park Contest. “The fans could see even more different tricks in even more different varieties than last year thanks to the new set-up.” He was also pleased with the success of the inaugural Team Contest, which the team of John Dreiling (USA), Anna Nikstad (USA) and Liam Peacock (UK) won on Friday.

The final of the BMX Lake Line went right down to the wire. Andy Buckworth, who had already won the Best Trick Contest on Saturday, was in first place after the semi-final. However, to everyone’s surprise, he was lying in last place after the first run of the final. The two-run format meant that he still had the chance to turn things around, but it wasn’t to be. In the end it was the American Jack Leiva who came out on top in the final and won the BMX Contest on the tricky and technical Lake Line in front of 9,000 screaming fans. “MASH is unlike any other event I go to. It’s so cool here, the fans are amazing – it’s just a sick place to ride,” explained 24-year-old Leiva. Third place went to Britain‘s Jack Clark. Germany’s Paul Thölen made it through to the final but was unable to reproduce the amazing run he had shown in the semi-final. His compatriot, Daniel Tünte, performed better in the final and ended up finishing in sixth place.

Skating, BMX, dancing, shopping, admiring, listening to music and chilling – the MASH Fest was a celebration of everything that makes the action sports scene so special. Around 100 stands offered visitors all manner of fun and entertainment. “I am convinced that it is this mix of high-class contests and the MASH Fest that makes the event so popular and successful,” said Marion Schöne. This year once again the MASH Fest was a central meeting point for people of all ages and interests with its interactive zones, music, art, culture and infotainment.